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“I’ve known and worked with Christy for years and I must admit, I didn’t see this book coming.  I knew her to be a  passionate diversity professional but after reading this book from cover to cover I can honestly say, she helped me understand the pros and cons of diversity in a new way.  I will absolutely use this information to help transform my organization!” 

-- Shavonne L. Dargan

  SVP, Strategy & Marketing – CURATeD  Live Nation Media and Sponsorship  

“Christy Pruitt-Haynes is a dynamic speaker, facilitator, and consultant with over 20 years of real-world experience in diversity, equity, inclusion, and human resource spaces. She knows what works in organizations to expand diversity, equity, and inclusion and knows that the work is a long game.”

-- Candace Warner, Ph.D

  Founder + CEO of people3, Inc.  

“I’ve known Christy as an HR and D&I guru for quite some time. After hearing her speak on the topic numerous times, it’s refreshing for her to employ a non-traditional approach and share her raw and unfiltered perspective on the complexities of diversity. At the end of the day, Christy helps us understand that diversity is difficult.”

-- Kendrick G. Robinson

  Equity and Inclusion Lead, Bridgestone Americas

  “I must admit, as a DEI Executive, the title and premise of this book left me more than a little concerned but having read it cover to cover I must admit…I get it and I agree. Christy managed to take a very sensitive and complex issue and break it down where everyone can understand. I highly recommend sharing this with your entire team so you can have a full and complete diversity discussion.”  

--   Brandi Riggins, PHR

    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Executive  

About the book

A bit of humor goes a long way in helping people buy into tough concepts and this book proves that!  Would the world be better if we were all alike?  Revealing the downsides of the diversity that most people try to ignore (yes, you read that title correctly... we're talking about the downsides of diversity) provides the reader with an honest, no holds barred discussion about diversity that most people try to avoid.  If we’re honest, we all know that diversity, equity, inclusion, access, and social justice have become buzz words these days and like many industry buzz words, not everyone agrees on their meaning or value.  This book offers a unique perspective that is sure to get everyone talking about what diversity truly adds (or takes away) from an organization.  It is a great starting point to get your entire organization or team on the same page about all aspects of diversity.

About the Author


Christy Pruitt-Haynes noticed that regardless of industry or organization women and minorities often don’t fully participate in making companies as effective, efficient and excellent as they can be - so she set out to change that.  Combining her desire to solve that problem, strategic thinking and keen self-awareness with degrees in Personnel & Labor Relations and HR Development, and 20+ years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience, Christy is convinced that every situation can be improved with a lot of logic, a little humor, and a healthy dose of real-world knowledge.

The TEDx Speaker and Nashville Emerging Leader Award recipient has held executive positions at Infiniti Americas/Nissan, CMT, and the Memphis Grizzlies. She is the founder of Christy Pruitt-Haynes Consulting where she and her team offer innovative speaking, training, and coaching to help organizations excel with diverse talent while helping diverse talent identify and maximize opportunities as well as Our Truths, a content provider, speakers bureau and coaching service dedicated to amplifying Black Women’s voices and Accelerate Your Skills, a training provider for small businesses  

Theme song: I was here by Beyoncé

Go-to karaoke song: Man, I feel like a Woman by Shania Twain  

Superpower: Resourcefulness 

Proudest moments: The births of my daughter Christiana and niece Nia and the moment I realized I could succeed through pretty much anything (with honorable mention going to the day I learned how to do a handstand in the swimming pool)  

  “I heard Christy Pruitt-Haynes speak at an event and immediately internet stalked her so I could meet her in person. It's an honor to call her a friend and I lean on her for all things related to HR and even recruited her to an advisory board position. She is bold, honest, brilliant and empathetic and this world is better because of her diversity work and dedication to transparency.”  

-- Courtenay Rogers

 Owner, CDR Consulting   

"Christy is my mentor, coach, and friend. Her fresh approach to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is exactly what the world needs right now." 

-- Andrea G. Tatum

  Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Consultant and Career Advisor  AGT Diversity Consulting    

“Since meeting Christy, I was impressed with her ability to uniquely assess and present HR solutions.  Christy is brilliant at getting people comfortable in being uncomfortable in the growth of their thoughts and perception with the goal of having diversity of thought and being more inclusive in their actions.”

-- LoLita Toney

  Philanthropy Strategist 

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